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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

17710 Oak Park Avenue, Tinley Park, IL 60477

We are located in the Tinley Center, next to Cuzin's pizza, on Oak Park Ave. in downtown Tinley Park.


How long have you been in business?

Gateway has been helping students succeed for more than 30 years. Come visit us at our newest location in Tinley Park, Illinois!

Do you guarantee improvement?

YES! If your child does not improve a full grade level in 40 hours of private tutoring, you will receive an additional 10 hours of tutoring at no charge.

What is your student to teacher ratio?

Student to teacher ratio is determined by the needs of the student. Our private tutoring program has a maximum of 3 students per teacher, while our homeschooling program has 6 - 8 students per teacher.

Is there an additional charge for the diagnostic assessment and development of the learning plan?

There is a flat fee for the Initial Diagnostic Assessment which includes the development of the learning plan. After that, it is included in the regular weekly or monthly fee. 

Is there an additional charge for books/multiple subjects/homework help?

No, everything is included in our flat weekly or monthly fee.

Is there a long term contract or commitment I have to sign?

No, you can stop whenever you'd like.

Do you make accommodations for students with special needs?

Yes. All of our learning plans are based on the individual needs of each student.

What ages/grades do you tutor?

Kindergarten - 12th grade, College, and Adult Basic Education.

How can I get started?

Call or text 708-756-5000 to make an appointment to get started!

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