• Gateway begins with a diagnostic assessment to find out exactly where each student's skill levels are.

• Students work on-one-one with their instructor in a small group setting with as few as three students per teacher.

• The diagnostic assessment, learning plan, and all books and materials are included in the flat weekly fee.

• Gateway offers an integrated program where students work on up to three subjects per hour, including homework help.


We provide instuction in all subjects, including:

Phonics/Reading • Writing • Math • Science English/Language Arts • History • Spanish

Chemistry • Biology • Physics • Algebra

Geometry • Calculus


Gateway Programs


Private Tutoring Program

… is something no other educational institution offers. It integrates up to three subjects during each tutoring session, maximizing learning retention.


Homeschooling Program

…  aids parents in professionally designing and customizing their child’s homeschooling program ensuring all educational requirements are met.  Our homeschooling program is for parents and students that prefer a different approach to learning than typical public school. Homeschooling at Gateway offers a more comfortable, safe environment for learning. Homeschooling is a 3 hour long session of one-on-one learning based on the student's own levels and pace. If a student is behind in any subject, we strive to get them to where they need to be, and beyond.


Summer Program

… a great way for students to stay fresh on their skills or to catch up on some skills they missed. Avoid summer learning loss and get a head start on the upcoming school year.


Credit Retrieval

…offers students the opportunity to complete a credit class during the school year or over the summer at their own pace on their own time schedule. No more crash courses over the summer. Hundreds of classes from which to choose. For students in grades K – 12.


Test Prep Program

… helps prepare students for major standardized testing such as the ACT with an individualized approach.



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